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Bang (R7/Scifi)

Title: Bang

Rating: Teen and Up audiences

Warnings: None applies but there are other warnings (horror themes)

Fandoms: Big Bang, KARA

Category: Gen, F/M

Relationships: Seungri/Hara

Characters: Seungri, Goo Hara, Heo Youngji, Big Bang members

Additional tags: Science fiction, cyberpunk, horror, virtual reality

Summary: Once a skillful hacker, Seungri returns to Seoul after a stint in rehab only to find that he's lost his job, lost his friends and all the PC-bangs have been replaced by ominous "VR-bangs." After a curious encounter with an old friend, Seungri starts to realise that something very sinister is going on - but this time he is well and truly out of his depth.

Notes: The title is bang (방), the Korean word for room. I'd like to thank Team Sci-Fi, the mods, Seungri's twitter and Phillip K Dick.

Prompts used:

Image - image

Quote - "I know that you are looking for answers, but the thing about the past, is just that. It's the past. Today is what's important. And I for one, am glad you're here." Hetty Lange, NCIS: Los Angeles.

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