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We've Both Got A Lot to Learn (R6/Scifi)

Title: We've Both Got A Lot to Learn

Rating: Teen and Up audiences

Warnings: None applies and there is no warning

Fandoms: BEAST/B2ST

Category:  M/M

Relationships: Junhyung/Kikwang

Characters: Junhyung, Kikwang, Yoseob, Kikwang, Doojoon, Dongwoon

Additional tags: Scifi Fic

Summary: Junhyung’s an agricultural expert. Kikwang works in IT. They’re aboard the same ship.


Quote prompt:  “And as the Society reminds us, there's a difference between knowledge and technology. Knowledge doesn't fail us.”

― Ally Condie, Matched

·  Picture prompt: http://harmonia3784.deviantart.com/art/Harang-HanaHaki-478449996

·  Song prompt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vjPBrBU-TM - Sia - Chandelier

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