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Twisted Path to Freedom (R3/Scifi)

Title: Twisted Path to Freedom

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: death, surgery

Fandoms: Infinite, f(x)

Category:  Gen, sibling relationship

Relationships: Dongwoo/Hoya

Characters: Dongwoo, Ailee, others from Infinite, f(x) cameo

Additional tags: Scifi fic

Summary: It's not that Dongwoo is stupid, it's just that when Dongwoo had applied for a position in the Infinity Analytics financing firm, the job description did not say--in any way--that he had been hired to help a psycho surgeon with his illegal experimental projects.

Notes: First of all, thanks so much to the mods for hosting Extrafic and being so patient with my slow-ness~ Second, thanks to 0 for the last-minute beta-ing, and Y for the copious hand-holding. CN, you're amazing--if you're reading this, <3.

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