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We're designed to live (R2/Supernatural)

Title: We’re designed to live

Rating: Teen and Up audiences

Warnings: mentions of rape/non-con, sex and violence/death

Fandoms: 2PM, B1A4, Brown Eyed Girls, Mamamoo, miss A, SHINee, Shinhwa

Category: F/M

Relationships: Chansung/Hwasa, (past) Chansung/Fei

Characters: Hwang Chansung, Ahn Hyejin/Hwasa, Kim Minjun, Wang Fei Fei, Mun Junghyuk/Eric, Ok Taecyeon, Jung Wheein, Kim Yongsun/Solar, Moon Byulyi/Moonbyul, Cha Sunwoo/Baro, Jo Mi Hae/Miryo, Choi Minho

Summary: A young singer is accused of murder. An unknown vigilante seeks for redemption while being sought by the police. A protector of the forest has to overcome the fact that he couldn’t protect his loved one. Weird facts come together while investigators try to hold on to reason.

Notes: Thank you to the Extrafictionary Mods for making this happen! Special thanks to my dearest beta, for holding my claws as we walked sideways through this. ;)

Prompts used:

Image: image

Quote: "Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Aahahaha! BEWARE!!!!! Yours sincerely, The Opera Ghost” (Maskerade, by Terry Pratchett)

Song: 2BIC - Made Yet Another Woman Cry

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