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Till we ain't strangers anymore (R1/Supernatural)

Title: Till we ain't strangers anymore

Rating: Teen and Up audiences

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Fandoms: VIXX, A Pink, SHINee, others

Category:  Gen

Relationships: Past Leo x N

Characters: Leo, Ravi, Eunji

Additional tags: Angels and Demons, Alternative Universe

Summary: He reaches Taekwoon seven seconds before the blade goes through him.

Notes: I wanna thank the mods for their infinite patience, my beta(s) for being the sweetest when I was running against the deadline, and my brain for working hard even in adverse situations. This was a very interesting (somewhat challenging) fic to write, and I hope you all can enjoy! ps. till we ain't strangers anymore is a song by Bon Jovi.

Prompt used: Image

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