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A forest called you (R11/Scifi)

Title: A forest called you

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: None applies and there is no warning

Fandoms: GOT7 Category: M/M Relationships: Jackson/Mark, Markson Characters: Jackson, Mark, JB, JR, Bambam, Youngjae, Yugyeom Additional tags: Science Fiction, Sci Fi

Summary: In a world where forests barely exist anymore, and where Jackson's only dream was a normal life, he falls in love twice. Both with Mark, a plant biologist, and with his shattered dream.


Title from the lyrics of the song prompt.

Prompts used:

Song: SHINee - Orgel

(Though I used a slightly different translation, and took just fragments of the lyrics)

Image: image

My thanks to all the people who heard me whine about this, and to the mods for organizing this wonderful idea of a challenge (and for putting up with me and my tardiness). Thanks to S and M, who gave me the inspiration to rebuild this fic from scratch, even if for them kpop is such an exotic weird thing. And to all my team, but especially to R, L, and D, for bearing my lamentations the last and stressful weeks before the deadline. And thanks to everyone who reads this, I hope you enjoy it!

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