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Crack Me Open (but Save My Pearl) (R10/Supernatural)

Title: Crack Me Open (but Save My Pearl)

Rating: General audiences

Warnings: None applies and there is no warning

Fandoms: Exo, Super Junior, Red Velvet, SNSD (briefly)

Category: M/M

Relationships: Junmyeon/Luhan, briefly mentioned Chanyeol/Jongdae

Characters: Kim Junmyeon,, Han, Luhan, Kim Minseok, Kim Jongdae, Kim Jongin, Zhoumi, Bae Joohyun, Taeyeon of SNSD

Additional tags: Elves, Mythological au

Summary: Junmyeon loves his clan and his family very, very much. So much, that he's willing to fight against his older brother to keep his place in the clan.

Notes: First of all, thank you mods for making this event possible! It was so fun to write. Additionally, once this exchange is over, I will most likely post some drabbles/one-shots that further explore the events of the story on my personal writing accounts. Cheers! Prompts used:

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