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√Čternise-Moi (R8/Fantasy)

Title: Éternise-Moi

Rating: Teen and Up

Warnings: character death (not major)

Fandoms: Teen Top, Up10tion, Laboum, Day6, Lovelyz

Category: Multi

Relationships: Chunji/L.joe, Chunji/Wooshin, Chunji/ZN, Chunji/Jae, Chunji/Yein

Characters: Chunji, L.Joe, C.A.P, Wooshin, ZN, Jae, Yein

Additional Tags: Fantasy Fic, Mythology, Atlantis

Summary: Chunji had had quite an eclectic life, but even the Dragon King had one who got away

Notes: All underage idols are 18 in this fic so it’s all legal. Dragon Kings were believed by the Chinese to consist of four separate dragons, each of which ruled over one of the four seas in the north, east, south and west. These Dragon Kings could shape-shift to human form

Prompt Used - Quote prompt: ""I love to be reminded of the past - whether it be melancholy or gay, I love to recall it - and you will never offend me by talking of former times." — Marianne Dashwood, Sense and Sensibility ."

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