June 11th, 2015 
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Greetings from your Extrafictionary mods! (⌐■_■)

This is the pinch-hit only signup post!

If you are one of our participants, you don't have to sign-up again.

This post is here so that in case of drop-outs, we would be able to call for pinch-hits quickly. We acknowledge the work that goes into building a good alternative universe, and would like to have our participants focus on no more than one submission so that they can present their best possible writing. The pinch-hit sign up will be for writers who did not sign up with us but are still interested in writing one of the four AU genres: Scifi, Dystopia, Supernatural or Fantasy.

Pinch-hitters will only be called on when we have drop-outs.

You will be put in the same team, the same round and receive the same set of prompts as our drop-out writer, and you don't have to give any prompt. You will obviously be credited for your work.

To sign-up, please fill out the form below. Comments are screened.

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