June 4th, 2015 
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Greetings from your lovely Extrafictionary mods! (⌐■_■)

After a short period of preparation, the very first edition of Extrafictionary is now live. All the participants who have signed up with us have been sorted into teams and their prompt assignments have also been decided. We're so happy and pleased by the success of this challenge so far.

To writers who missed our sign-up period, a pinch-hit sign up will open very soon. This is so that in case of drop-outs, we would be able to call for pinch-hits quickly. We regconise the work that goes into building a good alternative universe, and would like to have our participants focus on no more than one submission so that they could present their best possible writing. The pinch-hit sign up will be for writers who did not sign up with us but are still interested in writing one of the four AU genres: Scifi, Dystopia, Supernatural or Fantasy. These pinch-hitters will only be called on when we have drop-outs. Further details later.

The voting guidelines will also be posted before our first check-in date, detailing the general guidelines of how to vote and score the submissions of this challenges. This is for the perusal of readers, and to an extend, for the writers to understand how their works will be voted on and what to take note of while writing.

To readers who are interested in the submissions of this challenge, our posting starts the second week of September. A long way from now, but prepare your hearts, because some of our writers are already coming up with brilliant ideas.

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