May 19th, 2015 
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Hello participants and writers who are interested in Extrafictionary!

We are pleased by the response we have gotten for our brand new kpop writing challenge as we have reached quite an amount of sign-ups after only 4 days. Unfortunately, it also means that our modest predictions about Extrafictionary's success have been reached.

We do believe it would be better to open the second round of sign-ups a bit earlier than planned, as we didn’t expect such a large amount of sign-ups. The difference of interest between some of the teams has been noticed and we feel that it would be better to even out the teams sooner rather than later.

As this is our first edition, this method of sign-ups was an experimentation and we will think of a way to change things around if a second edition ever sees the light of the day.

As planned, the second round of sign-up is here to even out the number of participants in each team, and there are changes to the sign-up method.

Please rank the following teams: Dystopia, Fantasy and Sci-fi in the order of your most to least preferred team to join. Please rank all 3 teams and indicate if you would need help with exploring the genre/genre-wrangling of any of the genres stated. We don't want to blindside you with a genre you’re unfamiliar with, but at the same time, we would like to challenge you. It is, after all, a competition.

  • Notes:
This required ranking has been reflected in the sign-up form below. This is the current form of sign-up for Extrafictionary. The previous form won’t be accepted as of this post.
Participants who have signed up with us during the first sign-up period can still change their team or make amendments to their sign-up, but as your sign-up comment has been archived, please direct message us on Twitter, Dreamwidth or send us an email at extrafictionary@gmail.com to inform us of your desired changes.

If you’re signing up during the second sign-up, the comments will be here until sign-ups officially close on May 29th and you’re free to edit your comment to register your desired changes. You will be assigned your team on May 31th, along with a list of your teammates.

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