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Extrafictionary First Edition: Reveals and Results!

Here we are, wrapping up what has been a bumpy ride. After months of writing and posting, we are finally here to reveal who are the authors behind the lovely forty fics we have gotten for this first edition of Extrafictionary and which team won!



1The Test of Timekira0918Multi, Onew/Sunny
2UnhookedlulaiUNIQ, Gen
3Twisted Path to FreedomunkentrollableINFINITE, Dongwoo/Hoya
4The One was MerixythewraithMamamoo, Solar/Moonbyul
5On Cloud 9ouvertesMonsta X, Wonho/Shownu/Kihyun
6We've Both A Got to LearnxalfoyBEAST, Gikwang/Junhyung
7BanghoshatreeBig Bang/KARA, Seungri/Hara
8Red Dust StainsfoheartBTS, Suga/Jin
9deus ex machinakrasavchik_yadVIXX, Leo/Hongbin
11A forest called youlunavelataGOT7, Mark/Jackson


1We Have No Hearttaechnically/strawberrymaltMonsta X, Jooheon/Gun
2If The Heart Rememberstide_msSPICA, Sihyun/Boa
3The Zeroth HourmochitasticBTS, Gen
4Hope for a DreamwhenindouMulti, Gen
5a promise out of sightideareNine Muses, Keumjo-centric
6Fragmentationinfadel_x*VIXX, Gen
7White Noisetrinketries*Monsta X, Gen
8We All Fall DownefirnyBTS, Suga/Jimin
9we were kings, onceslashedsilverVIXX, Hyuk/N
11MetamorphosisdoyouseemeyetEXO, Sehun/Chanyeol


1Till we ain't strangers anymorelaeryn*VIXX, Gen (Past N/Leo)
2We're designed to livemo-chan-tf2PM/Mamamoo (Multi), Chansung/Hwasa
3The endless war, who is it for?coinlocker/cellophanecitySuper Junior-M (Multi), Kyuhyun/Zhoumi
4R.I.P (Reaper In Progress)do_dyoVIXX, Leo/N
5BreakerdaybreakstormBTS, V/Jimin
6تقبرنيbluedreamingBTS/AOA, V/Jimin, V/Jungkook
7Angels Fall FirstcanadaphileMulti, Gen
8Far Awaytroqes*The Ark, Gen
9If You Want BloodeightninetwoINFINITE, Sunggyu/L
10Crack Me Open (But Save my Pearl)jasminesighs/krishoisloveMulti, Suho/Luhan
11The PactgalaxyduizhangSHINee, Jonghyun/Taemin


1my soul laid bareinfadel_x*BTS, Rap Monster-centric
2All the smiles that are ever gonna haunt methe_resolverCLC (Multi), Seungyeon/Sorn
3Running Like The Ocean To Find Your Shorethunggyu*BESTie/VIXX, Yuji/Leo
4Submerge Me (Teach Me to Breathe)countingpathsBTS, V/Jimin
5you've got me chasing promises on the horizonexclusivite*VIXX, Leo/N
6the marks humans leave don't have to be scarsnamikaze_jkc/autumnsolaceINFINITE, Myungsoo-centric
7#notalldragonschanyeolandaSONAMOO, D.ana/Nahyun
8Éternise-Moithe_resolver*Teen Top, Chunji-centric
9these accidents of fate and natureonyu*BTS, Suga/Jin

We would like to thank all the authors who joined us during this experience and have a round of applause for all the pinch-hitters who saved the day more than once: laeryn, exclusivite, troqes, thunggyu, onyu, trinketries, infadel_x (who wrote two fics!) and the_resolver who wrote on top of her original assignment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥ 

And now, let's not delay it any longer, the winner of this first edition of Extrafictionary is... 
 with an average score of 19.5 out of 22.
Team Supernatural is followed by Team Sci-fi, Dystopia and Fantasy respectively.

Extrafictionary, it's 40 fics, 399585 words written, 9000 hits and 514 kudos left. Nothing would have been possible without you!

Authors are now free to crosspost their work on other platforms and reply to comments.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who ever supported us by reading, commenting, voting and just made Extrafictionary able to exist. We learnt a lot during the last few months and if we ever come back, we will work towards bringing a nicer, better event you can be proud of joining. 


Mod C and Mod R

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Thanks so much to the mods and the writers and everyone! This was fun ☆彡