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we were kings, once (R9/Dystopia)

Title: we were kings, once

Rating: Teen and Up audiences

Warnings: None applies and there is no warning

Fandoms: VIXX

Category: Gen, M/M

Relationships: Cha Hakyeon | N/Han Sanghyuk | Hyuk

Characters: Han Sanghyuk, Cha Hakyeon, Jung Taekwoon, Lee Jaehwan, Kim Wonshik, Lee Hongbin, Lee Minhyuk

Additional tags: Hurt/Comfort, Protectiveness, Alternate Universe, Alternate Reality, Angst, Gangs, Injury, Mentions of Disability

Summary: Down in the outer cities, gangs rage supreme. Sanghyuk doesn't concern himself much with them. He just wants to stay alive.

Notes: Thanks to E for the beta, R for encouraging me to go on, I for her #justicefor6vixx campaign, and the amazing mods for their positivity and persistence in this entire fest. Also to everyone on tlist who ever heard me rant about it and still held my hand. This fic pushed me to places I hadn't gone before, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without all of you.

Prompt used: image

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